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Mistress Taylor Fallon - Beautiful Los Angeles Dominatrix
lthough I revel in the breathtaking dynamics of live power exchange, the smell of the leather and the look and feel of the ropes as they press into helpless flesh, the variety and mystery of alternative training methods and the ways I choose to utilize My human toys can be very stimulating. Do you think you can rise to the challenge?


There truly is a fine line between fantasy and reality, which when you meet the Mistress, will be repeatedly crossed and blurred.
  • The slave: kneeling, servile, shaking in humble anticipation before Her Perfection.
  • The toy: restrained yet ready for anything as he/she glimpses the diabolical smile on Her sweet face.
  • The sissy: stepping heel-toe, heel-toe, dressed to confection; open to Her teachings and transformation.
  • The whipping boy: does any more need to be said?


Since I cannot see the results of online training firsthand, access to My elite electronic stable is limited to only the most sincere, adoring and earnest cyber-pets. Regular devotionals and assignments will be required and tailored to each e-slave's special abilities. The lax, lazy or mediocre should beware. A Supreme Female's time is most valuable. If you cannot perform, you will be deleted.

Mistress Taylor Fallon - Beautiful Los Angeles Dominatrix

I know you have been dying to speak with a stunning, controlling Alpha Female. When the mood strikes Me, I accept phone sessions through the Niteflirt system at intermittent intervals throughout the week. Watch the phone icon below for precise availability. Sign-up is free, private and easy and connections can be facilitated either via your computer or by calling 1-800-TO-FLIRT, EXT. 0325586. Whether you are hungering for an intense real-time scene or simply need to bare your soul to Someone Who Cares, there are no time limits so you can listen to the hypnotic sound of My beautiful voice when you simply cannot schedule a visit (priorities, priorities). Review this website in its entirety to prepare for your call. Listening to a live session can also be arranged with advanced notice. Remember, manners, respect and courtesy are expected in all areas of contact with Mistress Taylor especially while on the telephone. If not, there is always a handy bar of soap.

When the "arrange a call" icon is present it means I am not taking calls, but it IS possible to request an appointment to speak in the future from the Niteflirt website. These will be scheduled as I see fit but there is no guarantee that I won't be preoccupied at your preferred time. Do you think I sit around waiting for the phone to ring? Of course not, so I hope you'll make a call worth My while.


Do you crave the thrill of knowing that there are voyeurs watching? How many pairs of eyes will observe your every foolish blunder and chastisement as you serve and escort lovely Mistress Taylor on a shopping trip? If you're too embarrassed to go out fully dressed, I will be sure to document your plight with My camera - I'm certain there will be many "Kodak moments" to treasure. The lingerie boutique is a good place to start. Be sure to ask the little old saleslady for an extra-large for yourself (and a small for Me) and, yes, you WILL model for Me in the dressing room. Do you think they have two-way mirrors? If you would like to schedule an "on location" session, please follow the instructions for contact on Mistress' Serve page. Simply include your out-of-dungeon request with your introductory e-mail. Possible scene locations include: The park, fine dining establishment, nightclub, upscale shopping trip and a variety of travel destinations. Final itinerary is ultimately for the Mistress to decide.

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