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Mistress Taylor Fallon - Beautiful Los Angeles Dominatrix

by Taylor Fallon, Alpha Female

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Whether your are a novice or an experienced player, any day that finds you in the company of a Dominant Woman is an important one and certain preparations will need to be made. Reading this essay will only truly help you if you've already done your homework: Is the Domme that you are interested in experienced? Does She have a solid web presence with informative content? Did you put your stupid stick on hold and refrain from looking in the wrong places such as strip clubs and porn sites? Does She have Her own studio or does She session at a "house of BDSM" and what have you learned about Her facilities? Now that you've done you're research on Her, it's time to turn the tables. Any reputable Dominatrix will be excited to meet a new supplicant, but if Her first impression of you falls flat, you might find your initial visit cut a bit short and sans an invitation to return. Aside from dealing with dozens of weekly requests for Her attention, a talented Mistress has a lot on Her plate. Not only is She responsible for the daily oversight of a dungeon and personal slaves, the best and brightest have many outside interests. Each and every one of Her 24 hours is most likely spoken for, so any less-than-serious inquiry is wasteful and disrespectful. The following guidelines will help you to not only make that great first impression but position yourself as a desirable supplicant that any Mistress would choose to spend Her precious time with.

  • When making contact, keep it brief, polite and to the point. Whether speaking via e-mail or telephone, realize the Mistress is taking time out of Her busy schedule to speak to you when She just as well could be doing something else. Introduce yourself and provide Her with the information She requests in a timely fashion. A Domme who screens demonstrates that She cares about the quality and compatibility of Her applicants. If you feel uncomfortable about answering a specific question, simply let Her know. Don't ramble, pry or be too graphic in describing your scene as discretion should be paramount. If you want to speak further upon arrival at Her playspace, ask Her.

  • If for whatever reason She feels that you are incompatible, accept it graciously. Don't force the issue. There are plenty of other Dommes in the sea. Whatever you do, NEVER be misleading about your true nature or experience. Nothing good ever comes of this tragic mistake. Don't say I didn't warn you!

  • Follow any and all instructions She gives implicitly at all times. Even if you are not submissive, do so out of respect -- Mistress does know best and has you do these things for a reason. you don't need to know why.

  • Do not expect Her to be able to schedule you at the last moment. you may suddenly be in town on business and have a limited amount of time but try to be flexible and offer Her a selection of possible times to choose from. Keep in mind the further in advance you book the easier things will be and the more you leave things up to Her, the more likely you will get the session time slot you desire. It's funny how these thing works.

  • Do NOT be a cheapskate or attempt to haggle over the donation. When it comes to an expert lifestyle Domina, the tribute donation is not a financial transaction but an affirmation of Her status. At the very least, the reputable Domina has spent years honing Her skills, expanding Her knowledge and maintaining Her gorgeous looks and fit body. Her closets contain a spectacular selection of delicious latex, leather and fetish gear and She provides access to a safe, private, well-equipped dungeon for you to play in. By offering the correct donation without complaint, it shows that you understand and appreciate Her efforts and your place in the scheme of things. Novice or not, there is no room for mistakes in this area. When discussing this topic, always use discretion, refrain from making Her feel uncomfortable and simply come over-prepared. you will NEVER be "taken" by a REPUTABLE Domme (that is, unless you are into financial domination and have let Her know in advance!). Whether you are coming to chat, to learn, play or any combination thereof , when unsure, politely ask what is required and accept it. How would you feel if you were constantly asked to share your expertise gratis? Thought so. If you cannot afford the tribute, you will then have to wait.

  • If you are hoping for certain types of play that require special preparations, make them or inquire what the Mistress expects. Don't forget to eat a light, healthy snack an hour or so before your session to be able to perform at your optimal level and to avoid feeling light-headed. Take a shower, shave and groom properly as close to the scheduled session time as possible. Mistress will look and smell like heaven so treat this as the event that it is and wear clean clothes. you do want Her to get as close as possible, don't you?

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