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Mistress Taylor Fallon - Stunning Los Angeles Dominatrix reams. Visions that can strike fear in the hearts of the strong and compel even the weakest to take action. Windows exposing aspects of the true self that cannot be denied. Have you ever dreamt of casting aside artifice, leaving that vanilla mask far behind? Have you ever envisioned falling to your knees, finally surrendering all to a beautiful, powerful Dominant Woman? Dreams CAN come true. Hello, I am Taylor Fallon. Welcome to My site and My reality. As you move from page to virtual page, you will unwittingly be drawn further into My provocative world. A voyeur has absolutely no control of what unfolds before his eyes, and you will see just enough to whet your appetite and stimulate a deep hunger for more. I am sure you will find it titillating to say the least. you will learn what types of supplicants and scenes I prefer, find out how to win My attention and discover that I truly enjoy the company of intelligent males but believe the Female to be the superior sex. Those who wish to show their intense devotion from afar or contribute may be given the gift of that humble opportunity. Most importantly you will realize that the bar is raised, My expectations are high, My desires concrete. As a girl I did not comprehend the significance of My abilities to beguile, command and control. Now a Woman, I appreciate the complex and enigmatic power that I possess and intend to not only enjoy it, but use it in a most positive way.

Mistress Taylor Fallon - Stunning Alpha Female Dominatrix
Teacher, Nurturer, Therapist, Author, Domme, Supreme Female: The modern Goddess is multi-faceted, intuitive and whip-smart. She knows exactly what She wants and deserves nothing less. The question is, naughty boy (or girl), can you deliver?

If you are seeking sexual services, please leave My site at once.

For those who ARE in the right place: I strongly encourage you to venture through this website in its entirety. Enjoy!

-Taylor Fallon, Alpha Female | Los Angeles Dominatrix

Lost? Confused? Have questions about D/s or fetishes? you can privately talk to Someone Who Understands by calling 1-800-TO-FLIRT, EXT. 0325586 or via your computer by clicking on the icon below. There is no guarantee that I will be available to take your call at your chosen time. If not, you may simply get in line and wait patiently for your reward.

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