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Mistress Taylor Fallon - Beautiful Los Angeles Dominatrix
hat makes Mistress Taylor special?
Stunning, refined, articulate, whip-smart; the difference between Mistress Taylor Fallon and the average so-called "Domme" is that Her many stellar qualities add up to one unique and incomparable package. Her experience and skill in the Dominant Arts combined with Her devastating beauty is beyond irresistible. The Mistress' commanding presence, physical attributes and personality are forces of nature that cannot be denied. She understands that "labels" can be misleading and that each supplicant has his or her own unique qualities waiting to be discovered. Most importantly, it is Her intelligence, joie de vivre and the intensity that She radiates that sets Her apart from those who are merely going through the motions. The Mistress is a real Lifestyle Player, Her website is factual and yes, She is prettier in Person than in Her photos.

How do i contact the Mistress?
All supplicants must politely request a confidential application via e-mail. Phone contact may be granted later in the process once your application is approved. This is described in detail on Her Service page. There are no exceptions.

Will She describe what is going to occur in a session through e-mail or on the phone?
No. She will not "script" out a particular scene in advance and insists on a very high level of discretion while engaging in electronic or any type of communication. This is for E/everyone's privacy and enjoyment.

What qualities do You find distasteful in a supplicant?
Those who purposely mislead with regard to their true nature and who are blatantly dishonest or passive-aggressive should not apply. There are no excuses for improper hygiene or poor manners. Those who "top from the bottom" should think twice about applying. you have been warned.

How long has the Mistress been in the scene?
I have had a Personal interest in the Dominant Arts for over 10 years.

What type of play will You not engage in?
I will never engage in any type of play that revolves around scat, excessive blood or pedephelia. Also, there is no sex, drugs or illegal activity allowed in My scenes.

Are You a non-smoker and if so, do you ever do smoking sessions?
This is a very good question. I do NOT smoke. I am athletic and believe in taking care of My beautiful, healthy body. HOWEVER, since I appreciate the sexy look of a smoking scene I may grant such sessions while employing clove cigarettes. Since I do not inhale, this may disappoint the purist. So be it.

How tall is the Mistress?
In My bare feet I measure just shy of 5'10" tall and stand 6'4" in heels.

She has a nice figure, what size does She wear?
My corset sizing is approximately 20" depending on the maker (extra-small or small) rear lacing, but custom is usually best, Demask corsets, size 2. Bra, size 32D or 34C depending on the maker. Panties, size small. Dress, size 2.
Mistress Taylor Fallon - Beautiful Los Angeles Dominatrix
i love high heels. Does Mistress Taylor have a good selection and what size does She take?
Mistress' collection is extraordinary, especially Her boots. She typically wear a U.S. size 9 medium / 39 Italian. If it is a shoe that is made in England She may take a half size larger.

May i request a special outfit?
Yes. I have an extensive and exquisite fetish wardrobe comprised of leather, latex and corsetry. There is also plenty of slutty lingerie specifically designated for cross-dressers in a separate closet area. Just give advance notice.

Can i have a 2-Domme session or have another sub join u/Us?
Yes. With a bit of notice I can usually arrange for another Domme or sub to join us in session.

Do You have a lot of equipment?
While Mistress certainly has Her share of interesting apparatus and implements, She feels a session should be about One on one chemistry and not a tour of equipment.

Where are You located?
For discretion's sake, I shall only mention that I now spend the majority of the year in the Los Angeles area of Southern California. Further details are only given once your application is approved and a session granted. Mistress may travel, under the right conditions, to the location of a particularly sincere supplicant but the accommodations must be most appropriate and approved by Her.

If You are a Female Supremacist, does that mean You hate men?
Of course not! I actually love men although they ARE the inferior sex (lol). Would I spend so much time with them if I did? I don't think so.

i am a novice. Will the Mistress see me?
I will see novices only if they prove themselves sincere and read Meeting a Domina in its entirety.

How do i win Mistress Taylor's favor?
you will have a better chance of succeeding if you educate yourself via this website and are honest, sincere and willing. If you are really unsure of yourself, then visit the Mistress' Adore page for amusing tribute ideas.

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